Canton Wing Chun Kung Fu School Updated Admission Process

Sifu Miller has updated the admission process to Canton Wing Chun Kung Fu School as follows:

Who may enroll: Teenagers & adults. No children. Teenagers who are under 18 of age will require parent/legal guardian consent and initial presence.
When: Every Tuesdays, during normal school business hours, qualification to enroll will be held at 7:00 PM in Fairfax, VA with Sifu Miller.
Class schedule: Every Tuesdays (1 day a week) for one month, from 7:30 - 8:30 PM, no long term commitment required. 2 days a week class may be granted at Sifu's discretion based on progress.
Cost: $100/month up front payment for 1 day a week class; $150/month up front payment for 2 days a week class. No refunds.
Payment method: Zelle (preferred), cash, and check. Credit cards are no longer accepted.
COVID-19/illness: We require the following COVID-19 safety protocol adherence: temperature check and sanitization practices. COVID vaccination and face mask are no longer required. If you are feeling ill, please get better, be free of illness before coming. Refusing to follow safety and protection of others would result in dismissal. Payment would be forfeited if dismissed.
Free Trial: Not available.
Curriculum: Canton Wing Chun Basics. Will have the option to progress further than the basics.
Where: Only those who meet this updated admission process will be invited only once to the school to speak to Sifu Miller to see if Yuen Kay San Wing Chun Kung Fu is right for them. Uninvited guests/visitors are not permitted.
When invited: Show up with comfortable workout clothes and socks, and with acceptable payment method listed above in the event of acceptance to start class the night of invitation.
How to start the admission process: If you acknowledge and agree to everything above, email us. If you do not receive a response from us, please check your email spam filter/junk box and allow our email to come through. There has been many reports that our emails are getting blocked by spam filter/placed in junk box without your knowledge.