Before contacting Canton Wing Chun, please browse our website and/or search diligently for your answer(s) to conserve time and energy, especially regarding school information (e.g., tuition, student acceptance). Please note that there is no phone number to call the school.

Google Maps IconThe best and preferred way to contact Canton Wing Chun, especially Sifu Miller, is to show up in person during school hours (available at the left hand side) at The school's address is 9878 Main St. Fairfax, Virginia 22031. The school is located on the upper level complex near the Wing Chun Kung Fu sign viewable from Main St. Currently, the school in Fairfax will remain closed to all visitors until further notice here on our website and/or Facebook page due to COVID-19 pandemic. Free lesson or observation will no longer be offered until further notice, whether it is at the school in Fairfax or via Zoom app. Out of respect and safety, please do not come to the school in Fairfax. Should there be any further announcements, they will be made here on our website and/or Facebook page. Thank you for your understanding out of respect and safety during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Facebook IconFor any reason one cannot show up in person, please post on our Canton Wing Chun Kung Fu Facebook page. Please note that there will be no official reply from Sifu Miller on Facebook, but the message may be passed onto Sifu Miller depending on the nature of the subject.

E-mail IconFinally, if any of the above contacts are not convenient, please send an e-mail to:, including website related issues. Depending on the nature of the subject, the message may be passed onto Sifu Miller. If the message warrants a reply from Sifu Miller, Sifu Miller will respond accordingly.