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Canton Wing Chun Kung Fu Lineage

Canton Wing Chun Kung Fu lineage is from Great Grandmaster Yuen Kay San (1889-1956) passed onto Grandmaster Sum Nung (1926-2002). Photo shows 4 generations of Yuen Kay San Wing Chun: Sum Nung (bottom row, center) -> Kwok Wan-Ping (bottom row, left) -> Chun Ming Lee (top row, left) -> Alton Miller (top row, right).

Sum Nung learned his Wing Chun from Cheung Bo and Yuen Kay San. Sum Nung passed on his Wing Chun knowledge as Yuen Kay San Wing Chun to many of his students. In mid-1960s, Sum Nung introduced Yuen Kay San Wing Chun to an accomplished martial artist, Kwok Wan-Ping. Kwok Wan-Ping became one of the most sought after martial artists in Hong Kong and several of his students have gone on to become highly respected instructors in their own rights. Chun Ming Lee was one of these students who brought Wing Chun to the Washington DC metro area in the early 1970's. During this time, Chun Ming Lee took on a student who became his most favorite, Alton Miller. Chun Ming Lee taught Alton Miller the Yuen Kay San system and the essence of Wing Chun so that one day, Alton Miller would be ready to meet Kwok Wan-Ping and Sum Nung. The day came in 1975, when Chun Ming Lee proudly brought Alton Miller to meet Kwok Wan-Ping and Sum Nung, to pay respect and homage. Kwok Wan-Ping and Sum Nung were impressed and amazed, to say the least, at the skill of Alton Miller and the idea that Yuen Kay San Wing Chun would continue to spread in the United States. There were many trips to Hong Kong and China that followed. Today, Alton Miller continues to teach Wing Chun as was taught to him by these teachers.

For further background on Sifu Miller and his Wing Chun journey, read Sifu Miller's first article here published in issue no. 50 from Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine.

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